Aqua Leather Tapered Shape Strap


Neither lose to the rainy season, nor lose to sweat, strong against water, can be washed natural leather "AQUA LEATHER" tapered shape strap

Sweat and rain, water is an enemy of leather. In the everyday life, we developed a leather strap that can be worn without worrying about "water". Material is used in shoes and bags in recent years, attracting attention "AQUA LEATHER". Please enjoy the strap of natural leather which can be worn without worrying about rain in the coming season and water and sweat of daily life.







Water resistant, washable natural leather "AQUA LEATHER"

At the stage of tanning, penetrate special fat to the floor fiber,
remarkably improve the resistance of water which is also the weakness of leather, and prevent leakage of leather ingredients from moisture invading from the outside.
It is pure domestic leather that sticks only to domestic raw skin that fits special fat.
Even if it gets wet with water, it is difficult to deteriorate the quality of the leather, because it has durability with a glue,
it can be used for many years compared with conventional leather products.
On the back is adopted a highly durable washable leather used for jeans tags,
and it is summarized with strong specifications on the front and back combined with water.





Damper resistant to scratches
Dirt is less noticeable duck patterned pressed grain leather

We applied embossing which made scratches and dirt inconspicuous, and further improved the water repellent effect.
Represent a duck pattern delicately with a pattern that changes in appearance depending on the angle.
You can enjoy ducks which are often used as fashion accents in a wide range of age groups.
We prepared 5 original colors dyed exclusively for Knot.




Tapered & long shape you can use for a wide range of users

Tailored with standard tapered shape regardless of gender.
You can use it even with a thick male around the arm with a long shape of +10 mm compared with a normal strap.




Ideal for active scenes

Water resistant "AQUA LEATHER" is ideal for active scenes that sweat easily.
If you are a woman, you can use it without worrying about water work.





Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all kinds of watch body of Knot.