ATC-40 Automatic Chronograph Model


 It is a watch called impossible.

With the MADE IN JAPAN engraving, be sure to only see the world's highest quality mechanical watches.
It will be only some high class mechanical watches.
With the increased succession of technology, there is a decrease in watchmaking and the manufacturing of watches is on the brink of extinction.

To craft the future of manufacturing. That is the spirit and mission of Knot.

The mechanical clock AT-38 was born to serve as a mechanical expression for everyone. This time, it is joined by the new mechanism chronograph ATC-40

It is the impossible made possible from movement, case, and dial to everything else.

Japanese technology that has been lost is once again found and of course, at a price many people can reach.
Everyone, enjoy this masterpiece made specifically for you.

Knot's mechanical watch.
It is a watch called the impossible.
Knot's mechanical chronograph


A design beautiful and unique. 

The design concept of the ATC - 40 is two elements, beauty and uniqueness overlapping each other, aiming for an exquisite balance.
For example, the case. The body is cut out to confine both heaviness and lightness inside a 40mm diameter case.
In addition, the dial, specifically the three kinds of in-dial, pursue functionality and aims to direct gracefulness. 

Design that combines both statics and dynamics, it is suitable for all occasions, business or casual. With it on your wrists, keep on keeping time.

Knot's chronograph is beautiful and unique.


The movement,
Even clock artisan moved.

If you use this movement, I definitely want to make it together.
Watchmakers and partners cooperating with Knot,
I said so to you in front of the movement in front of me.
It is hard to see even domestically produced luxury watches,
Mechanical chronograph movement.
Its existence is special among watchmakers.
A super complex mechanism with approximately 310 parts, which is twice as much as normal.
High beat of 28,800 vibrations per hour.
There is an overwhelming mechanism to make the men's hearts hot.
Tick tick .... When the ears pass, the parts are singing beautifully.


 We adopted vision polishing.

Our mechanical watch case,
It is finished by some special polishing.
Hayashi Seiki manufactures technology partners.
We produce several mechanical types of the highest peak in the country.
Production of the case is close to Japanese sword making.
Train ultra-high purity stainless steel with high heat, hammer and train.
I repeat it, a case with high metal density is born.
And finishing is the vision polishing technique "Zaratsu polishing".
In the past, it was also used for Swiss luxury watches, but Advanced skill is required, and now I rarely see it.
With Hayashi Seiki Manufacturing which holds many skilled craftsmen,
Grind each one politely, to a beautiful specular surface without distortion.
It made the impossible possible, it is shine.Hayashi Seiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:
Metalworking maker based in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture.
Boasting world-class precision metal processing technology.


Two holes

You can enjoy a separate type in the hole on the top and a strap with a pull-through type in the bottom hole. It stabilizes the center of gravity balance of the whole clock and enhances fitness to the arm.



As with the side of the case, a satin finish is also applied to the inside of the lug. By spiritlessly using techniques of craftsmen to detail, it produced sophistication and quality.


Sapphire glass

Like AT-38, it adopts high-hardness sapphire glass next to diamond to windshield. By applying antireflective coating only on one side, it improved scratch resistance and visibility of the dial.



The index adopts a trapezoidal bar with a solid feeling that is compatible with a heavy case. By finishing metal rings and fonts to the utmost limit, we expressed a refined and heavy worldview.