Classic Series Monotone Collection


The timeless Monotone style

Knot Monotone Collection

The transcendent fusion of the old standard design with modern trends brings back the appeal to antique watches this present day. This Second addition of the ‘Monotone Collection’ essentially incorporates the timeless and gender-neutral monotone matte black to enhance the universality.






3 Different sizes and shapes

The classic 36mm Small second, conventional for both men and women, the unique 32mm Square small second and most popular 39mm Chronograph are the various dimensions of this monotone series.

These can also be well paired with the BKWH series.




Uniform white details

Our 1st watch to have a matte white logo and features including the minute and hour hands. It is truly committed to texture and gives contrast to the matte black case.




Colour scheme similar to the clocks found in communal spaces

The colour scheme similar to the clocks found in communal spaces.

The White cross Black contrast is sharp and simple therefore making it easy to see. It can be paired effortlessly with numerous straps due to the simplistic and compatible interior of the watch face.






CS-36BKWH  $210

TH-16WHBK  $60

CS-36BKBK1  $210

TT-16BKBK  $60

CC-39BKWH  $290

MT1-18WHBK  $70

CC-39BKBK1  $290

LS-16BKBK  $85

SQ-32BKWH  $225

TT-16WHBK  $60

SQ-32BKBK1  $225

MK-18BKBK  $80