CS-32 Ladies Solar


Compact solar watch coloring women's life scene.

Since its founding, we have patronized mainly CS-36, we have developed a model for women for the first time in the history of Maker's Watch Knot in response to requests for smaller and elegant models. It is a compact size derived from 3 elements of the outside dimension of 32 mm, the visibility of the dial plate, the balance with the strap, and the size of the arm that matches the thin arms of the arm around the arm.



Compact size for thin women around the arm

The compact size with an outer dimension of 32 mm was derived from the three elements of the visibility of the dial, the balance with the strap, and the size matching the arm of the woman. It is comfortable to wear thinly by setting the thickness to 7 mm, it is compact specification for women who snuggles to the life scene every day.




Elegant traditional design

We made it a classic dial design with good visibility with a combination index of Roman numerals and bars that are often adopted for dress watches. We made the case slimmer with lug model which reduced volume as much as possible, and made a more compact look by balancing thickness and roundness and giving luxury by bezel while reducing the cutout.



Solar movement without battery replacement

The solar movement generates electricity by lighting at the solar battery unit on the back of the dial, accumulates electricity in the secondary battery (rechargeable battery), and drives it. Adopt high-spec solar movement that allows you to charge for the day's operation in about 70 minutes in the general office (500 lux). * Although secondary batteries are guaranteed performance of 70% or more capacity after 10 years, long-term maintenance · battery replacement is necessary.



Comfortable usability

Calendar display with lots of requests from women, underweight with 20 g of underweight, I also insisted on ease of use every day.





● Movement: Made in Japan Solar Movement (EPSON VS22A)   ● Case: Stainless steel 316L
  ● Windshield: sapphire glass   ● Waterproof: Water resistant to daily life (3ATM)   ● Average monthly difference: ± 20 seconds
  ● Size: Width 32 7 mm thick   ● Weight: 19.5 g