Himeji Semi Grain Leather Strap


Vivid color and delicate pattern. Straps that glow your arms gorgeously.

Vivid color and rich expression. Using Himeji leather with a reputation for beauty generously. Thin, elastic, rich material promises a pleasant list wear life, moist and moist. Using the leather stuck to the quality of invisible content, one that was made with careful manual work would be long and beautiful to use. Continue to color your everyday wrist with business, casual.






Moist and supple. A strap that attracts to your arms and is attractive.

Adopted the raw  skin of dairy cattle, which is said to be more gentle and supple than the beef cattle.
It is characterized by thin and elastic texture.
In addition, the leather which was carefully ironed many times during the leather process is smooth and soft, it will fit in with the arm enough to wear.





 Beautiful color development and 9 different colors.

Himeji Leather features nine different colors, making use of the greatest feature of color development.
Classic black and navy that are easy to use in business. Brown and warm gray with an elegant and calm image. Red, green, white, yellow, and purple are the colors that are suitable for fashion.
Items that become more gorgeous and become points by adding them to one of your collections.




Vivid color and delicate pattern. Crafts that color arms.

In order to enjoy the beautiful coloring unique to Himeji leather, we stick to the color thoroughly. Paste little by little in several times, finally confirm the color taste with the strict eyes of craftsmen. By embossing the surface, we finished it richly in expression.




Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all types of watch body of Knot.