Kaihara Denim Straight Shape Strap

kaihara denim_001


"Kaihara Denim" strap boasts the industry's top share as a pioneer in Japanese denim fabric

Founded in the 26th year of Meiji Era. It started from “Bingo Kasuri” for over 120 years in Hiroshima Prefecture, weaving denim. Kaihara Denim, which focuses on integrated production, is the one and only existence created by the technology of tradition × innovation. They had developed their own machines and are committed to "good materials," "good dyes," and "good weaves." This time, collaboration with the Kaihara Denim is made happen. As Knot's first denim strap, it is born with a luxurious specification that uses Tochigi leather as the backing material.






Aging changes uniquely for each person wearing a unique color of denim

Using the secret “Aizome” (藍染) dye, the yarn is passed through the dye multiple times and is exposed to the air to finish it to the ideal color. It is precisely adjusted with consideration to the weather of the day. Every single step creates indigo blue and produces beautiful aging.





Luxury specification using "Tochigi leather" as the backing material

The backing and loops with the jeans leather patch as the motif are the highest peak "Tochigi leather" in Japan. We chose the highest quality material because it is the part that is in contact with the skin directly. It is also a feature that you allow you to enjoy "aging" as you use it.





Jeans-like design dedicated as a tribute to denim

Nume leather, which is also used for jean hip labels can enable you to enjoy aging as well as denim. In addition, KAIHARA DENIM brand logo is an original logo that has been redesigned exclusively for engraving. It is a special specification that is exclusively for the straps of Knot. Furthermore, we adopted stainless steel rivets in the small holes for the variation of size around the wrists. Similar to rivets used around the jeans pocket, it is a design that is particular about the details of the denim items.









Kaihara Co., Ltd., which produces and sells “denim, a material for jeans, is the only company in Japan that consistently does spinning, dyeing, weaving, and organizing.

Providing fabrics to jeans manufacturers all over the world, it has the top share of Japanese domestic production and export volume.