Makita Shoten Nato Type Strap

A strap that fuses "two different materials" by Japanese traditional technology.

The dignified dragonfly pattern is reminiscent of the Japanese while the "Stripe print" is symbolistic of the British. It is a pull-through type strap making use of a straight line. Recommended for dressing of business scenes, such as suit. Two colors of leather are also available. While colorful, it has a classic taste.





Water repellent processing technology

Generally it is said that it is difficult to process fabrics with irregularities on the surface of fabric like jacquard weave. "Nitta adjustment" is to perform water repellent treatment on cloth woven at Makita shop. It is also a partner who started a joint business when Makita Shoten starts production of umbrella fabric 50 years ago. Two kinds of processing are applied to wash the dough, water repellent (to repel water), waterproof (to prevent flooding into the dough). A lot of water is also used here, and washing away fabric impurities by washing with Fuji's natural water.



The yarn dyed with Fuji's natural water produces a glossy gloss.

Mt. Fuji dyed with cold, clear and rich natural water. Dye is easy to fix due to hard water quality, unevenness is less likely to occur, color development is very vivid. Multicolored luster adds more beauty by woven, and it will pretend to be an arm.




A beautiful pattern with 12,000 warp and weft interwoven.

Makita original jacquard drawing freely in different colors with different warp and weft. Weave 12,000 yarns as thin as the hair with a large French loom. Delicate patterns unique to jacquard weave can never be imitated with print patterns.



Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all types of watch body of Knot.