Classic Series MONOTONE Collection

Fusing the standard of fashion trends to universal design
that can not fade even over time.

Reviving the charm of antique watch to the present day with the concept of "fusion of good old standard design and fashion trends". Regardless of gender, I adopted the monotone which is a classic coordination that is not influenced by the times, and raised the universality which can not fade over time. White × black has high contrast, and the high visibility which is often adopted for the clock of public facilities is also attractive.




3 series expansion with different sizes,
functions, and shapes

Regardless of gender, popular high 36 mm center second. Two in-dial based on a pocket watch is a fearless 39 mm chronograph. Developed with three types of compact and distinctive 32 mm square. Of course you can use it as a pair, you can also use it as a pair watch.



Unified detail with all black

Maker's Watch Knot The adoption of the first black logo, the case of a restful half mat, the index of the polished finish that highlights the high quality, the needle. I stick to all the texture and put it in high quality monotone.



High visibility coloring
which is often found in watches of public facilities

Black / black multiplication is the color scheme that is used for clocks in public places such as schools and stations because the contrast is the highest and the time is easy to see. Also, as well as being compatible with the interior is simple, you can match various straps.