Okayama Takata Textile TATAMI Ribbon Straight Shape Strap

Takata orimono TATAMI-beri Strap

Fabrics that support Japanese traditional culture Takata textile "TATAMI Ribbon" strap. 

"TATAMI" is a Japanese culture that is recognized worldwide. We have unified this forgotten tradition with wrist wear. Tatami-ribbon gives tatami mat a variety of patterns likewise, it has got out from the indigenous and rediscovered as a fashion item, which gives individuality to the wrist or the wearer. Enjoy a casual fabric strap featuring Japanese culture.






Tradition preserved through weaving for 126 years and TATAMI-Ribbon, specially validated for its enriching cultural background.

The word "TATAMI" (mat) originates from the verb "tatamu", which means fold and stack which reveals not only its capability of layering but also the competence of the material that is tightened without gaps for protection to prevent wear and tear. Tatami mats were deemed often as a luxury item symbolizing noble status and originally used by the higher class. During the Nara period, tatami mats at high-class houses and shrines were weaved together using special cloth. Presently, the material used for weaving ranges from cotton to synthetic fibres for elegance and durability.




Kurashiki's Kura-yashiki (old Japanese storehouse) neat lattice motif

The Japanese wall design "Namako Wall" is a standard rhomboid pattern, found in Samurai residences in Kurashiki Aichi district of ancient Japan and is reminiscent of Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. This lattice design is incorporated as the textile used for tatami ribbons.  fine quality Toshigi leather is used to back the Tatami straps preventing the material from fraying.




Horizontal / vertical appearance expressing the disciplined world of tatami matts

Fine quality Tochigi leather is used to back the Tatami straps preventing the material from fraying.





Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all kinds of watch body of Knot.