Shindo Nylon Strap


Developed with MUSUBU partner "SHINDO"

Reborn " Extremity " NATO NYLON STRAP


The SHINDO's weaving and knitting technologies are well renowned as they manufacture products ranging from exquisite decorative ribbons to jet engine carbon materials, since their commencement in 1970. The quality and standard of the product materials have been tested and proved and therefore utilised by many 'Big brands' in Europe.

The lustrous material and texture of the bright coloured 'polar' nylon straps, make it water repellant and functional while giving the wearer an outstanding feel. It is well controlled for quality and promises the high Made in Japan quality.


Shindo nylon_002




Shindo nylon_003


The lustrous and balanced weave texture is achieved through MADE IN JAPAN high precision technology. The dyeing process is also committed to a high degree of colour achievement.



Shindo nylon_004


The fabric strap is light, durable and functional particularly for summer and warm weathers or even during activities as sweat and dirt can be easily washed.



Shindo nylon_005

Best impressions for the wearer

The nylon straps are prominently characterised by the beautiful and lustrous weaving by the Japanese craftsmen and represent the high quality of Knot Made in Japan.