Silk KUMIHIMO Ayakorai Strap

The beautiful, traditional Japanese silk craftwork of kumihimo is reborn.

It was the Ayakorai design, which incorporates a vertical stripe pattern known as Aya using Showa Kumihimo’s own unique braiding techniques, that eventually became the basis for Knot’s Silk-Kumihimo watchstrap. The width required for watchstraps is greater than for other craftworks, at it took literally a full year from the initial conception of the design to its final completion. Through a process of original research and development and the adoption of a special braiding format, we eventually achieved the creation of a watchstrap that is 18 mm wide and only 2 mm thick. The strap comes in a total of eight different color variations, equipped with the class and beauty to be worn by both men and women, in either casual or business situations. Please try enjoying this pure Japanese style textile strap for yourself.






"Showen Kumihimo" Using unique technology, a stripe of vertical stripes called "Aya".




Color variations

Colorful variations have elegance and beauty that you can use in men, women, business or off.




Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all types of watch body of Knot.