Tochigi Leather Straight Shape Strap

Luxurious gloss and beautiful texture
Full-grain Tochigi leather strap

Tochigi leather Buono Oil is used to treat the leather, resulting in a rich patina that will develop over time -- the true mark of full-grain leather. Enjoy the pleasure of watching your leather age and patinate on your wrist. The design is inspired by waist belts, with a square form, and the stitches kept to a minimum for a minimalistic appearance. This is a classical, evergreen style suited to everyone.





Buono Oil

Buono Oil imparts oil to the leather when tanning it in order to make it more flexible and supple, as well as durable.
Imparting oil to the leather gives it a smooth texture and pleasant feel, as well as an elegant gloss that blends with a subdued overall appearance.
This leather draws out the natural qualities of a full-grain hide, which develops a richer patina with use.




The square and tapered form is inspired by waist belts, with the stitches kept to a minimum for a minimalistic look.
This design is 10mm longer than other lines and is intended for men with thicker wrists.




Easy Lever

All belts come equipped with the Easy Lever as standard.
Features a one-touch attachment mechanism that works on all Knot wristwatches.