Tochigi Leather Original Mesh Strap

The best quality Tochigi leather boasts worldwide
Mesh strap that was knitted tough by the skill of the artisan.

"Jeans" leather featuring a tough yet deep hue is a gem that is knitted one by one with craftsmen's hands. It fits the wrist enough to wear and changes to a tasty expression. "Leather" of overwhelming quality, "skill" of the domestic leading leather craft workshop. Enjoy the charm of genuine MADE IN JAPAN with "Easy Lever" with various color variations.





Jeans Leather

With 160 bit tanks filled with naturally derived tannins, they are sequentially pickled from a thin tank to a thick tank, using 100% vegetable tannin leather carefully timed over time, with casual look and deepness "Jeans leather" finished in color.





Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all types of watch body of Knot.