Tochigi Leather Traditional Shape Strap

Tochigi leather series long-awaited orthodox strap

Orthodox type "traditional shape strap" is the work of specialty workshop of 70 years veteran professional craftsmen make. Both sides' stitch, which is a feature of tradition, crochet sews with a sewing machine, one by one. The appearance of carefully sewing the curve of the hook point tells its quality. Only those born through certain handicrafts are allowed to be engraved with "TOCHIGI LEATHER". It is just "a list ware born in the hand" that is finished politely with the hands of craftsmen.





Voano aniline

Tochigi leather series For long-awaited orthostatic straps, "Vono Aniline" is adopted.
This design called a boat type is perfect for casual as well as dressy formal style.




Hand cutting from cutting, cover finishing, side stitch sewing machine sewing, hand crafted by skilled craftsmen specialized in watch strap.
Vegetable Tannin Leather Nume leather was also used on the back, it is a luxurious gem.



easy  lever

Easy lever

Easy levers are equipped as standard on all belts.
It is possible to install with one touch on all types of watch body of Knot.