TS-36 Titanium Solar

TITAMIUM SOLAR TS-36 from Knot on Vimeo.

New criteria for solar watch redefined by Knot.

Solar movement is a world-prominent technology that can be said as a proprietary patent developed by Japanese manufacturers. However, at present, major long-established manufacturers have imposed certain restrictions on the supply of movement, and it is actually a closed monopoly market.

Despite practical technologies that all people can realize the benefits of technology in daily life, the drive system that uses renewable energy is unnecessary, because the competition principle does not work and the market is not activated. So in the modern days, there are many wristwatches that do not match the values of and it is not penetrated in reality.

In addition, because home appliance mass merchandisers and TV shopping are the main sales channels, the range of design is narrow due to limited targets, further intermediate distribution and retail margins are added together and sales far from the appropriate price It is sold at the price.

Due to such background, SolarWatch has followed a history that emphasized only on practicality as a tool.

In modern times where lifestyle changes and the watch is losing value as a tool, high watches specialized only for function only in the time when smartphones understand time are not appealing. We provide MADE IN JAPAN with excellent design, function and quality at the price required for the market. Wrist watch is not a tool, as an arm fashion, it offers totally new value as a list wear.

We redefine the solar watch where Maker's Watch Knot stuffed Japanese technology.







High function material exceeding stainless steel rare metal Titanium

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel with a specific weight of about 1/2 (SUS 316 L 7.98 / Titanium 4.5) It is hard to rust and metal allergy is not  likely to occur, so it is an ideal material for watches, but on the other hand it is difficult and expensive. We finished the titanium into a packed case with striking details that made the titanium sharp edged with advanced processing technology and made it remarkable, and even adopt it for the back lid, I felt that the value of titanium was fully appreciated with thorough specifications I will.



No battery replacement
Solar movement

The solar movement generates electricity by lighting at the solar battery unit on the back of the dial, accumulates electricity in the secondary battery (rechargeable battery), and drives it. Adopt high-spec solar movement that can charge for the day's operation in about 47 minutes in the general office (500 lux). (* Secondary batteries are guaranteed performance of 70% or more capacity after 10 years, but maintenance on long-term use is necessary.)




Increase visibility and comprehensibilitySuper Ruminova & Arabic Index

A kind of phosphorescent paint. It was also adopted as a high-class watch in development products of Nemoto special chemistry of Japan, and most of the night paint is Super Ruminova. It absorbs sunlight and lighting lights for a short time (about 10 minutes: 500 lux or more) and stores it, and it glows for a long time (about 3 hours to 5 hours) in the dark. In addition, by assigning Arabic numerals to all the indexes 1 to 12, it made it easy to understand design.



Withstood tough use, visibility improved as wellSapphire glass & date lens

Sapphire glass which is strongly scratched and adopted by many high-class watches. Although processing is difficult and expensive, "TITANIUM SOLAR" adopted the first date lens to enhance the visibility of the calendar part.



Experience the true value in outdoor10 ATM water resistant specification

Waterproof is 10 atmospheres of daily life strong waterproofing, it is a reliable toughness specification that you can use with confidence in active scenes with outdoor and sweat with many water fields.




● Movement: Made in Japan Solar Movement (EPSON VS 42A) ● Case: Titanium
● Windshield: sapphire glass (Date Lens) ● Waterproof: Water resistant to daily life (10 ATM)
● Average monthly difference: ± 20 seconds
● Size: Width 36mm Thickness 8.5mm ● Weight: 21.5g