TSC-39 Titanium Solar Chronograph


High-spec watch with condensed functions for those active in the life scene

A new standard set for solar watches redefined by Knot, introducing the TITANIUM SOLAR WATCH “TS-36”.

TS-36 series features chronograph model "TSC-39" which incorporates a popular and sports-wearable design.





High function material exceeding stainless steel rare metal Titanium

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel with a specific weight of about 1/2 (SUS 316 L 7.98 / Titanium 4.5). It is impossible to rust and allergies to the metal is also very unlikely to occur, making it an ideal material for watches. We finished the titanium into a compact case with details that make the titanium casing striking with advanced processing technology. The value of titanium is fully realized and appreciated, and our watch casings were made remarkable.





No need for battery replacement
Solar movement

The solar series generate movement by absorbing solar energy at the solar battery unit; on the back of the dial. The energy is accumulated and stored in the secondary rechargeable battery which serves as a backup for prolonged usage. A high-spec solar movement is adopted and an average 47 minutes charge in an office with 500 lux of light would last for the entire day of operation. (* Secondary batteries are guaranteed performance of 70% or more for around 10 years, but maintenance is necessary for long term use.)





Featuring the Super Ruminova & Bar Index; increasing visibility and comprehensibility

Developed by Nemoto Japan, phosphorescence of the watch is accentuated by mainly the use of Super Ruminova and a special blend of phosphorescent paints. By absorbing sunlight (10 minutes: 500 lux or more) and storing it, a luminous glow is achieved for a sustained period of time (about 3 hours to 5 hours) in the dark.

Furthermore, with the adoption of the Bar Index often seen in dress watches, the time can be easily derived for your convenience.





High transparency and resistant against scratches

Sapphire glass is materialized in Knot’s watches to achieve the highest-quality standards. Only second to diamonds in terms of hardness, it boasts a Vickers hardness of 1,500, making it the perfect material to be used in luxury watches. Its strong resistance to scratches keeps the face of the watch flawless even with prolonged use.





Experience the true value of the outdoors with the 10 ATM water resistant specification

With the Waterproof Rating of 10 atmospheres and a reliable toughness specification, you can use the watch with confidence in any active scenes, on-shore or off-shore.





The first of every Knot watch to feature an alarm function

The watch will sound at the set time as a companion to support you and your hectic life.





A beautiful combination of case and crown button designed with different finishing and color to your preference

At first glance, it appears as an ordinary lusterless casing but with a close-up look, you can see a rhapsody of perfection with an overall matte casing and polished shiny buttons matched to harmonize elegance.






● Movement: Made in Japan Solar Movement (EPSON VS72) ● Case: Titanium
● Windshield: Sapphire glass  ● Waterproof: Water resistant to daily life (10 ATM)
● Average monthly difference: ± 20 seconds
● Size: Width 39mm Thickness 11.5mm ● Weight: 34.5g