Tochigi Leather Watch Case


Watch Case to enjoy more Mix & Match

A watch case that you can enjoy "Today's clothing, Today's wrist wear" more like switching On / Off in the daily life scene.

Like the watch and strap MADE IN JAPAN, high quality material, reasonable price, with a storage capacity unique to the wrist wear, a commitment watch case filled with the philosophy of Maker's Watch Knot.

"Tochigi leather watch case" which was sewn carefully one by one by the advanced technology of domestic specialized leather craftworker using Tochigi Leather luxuriously.

It is a watch case that closely follows your life scene, which makes mix &match of watch more fun and more comfortable.




You can enjoy beautiful and fine texture.
Tochigi Leather boasts one of the world's best quality.

The material is Tochigi Leather with one of the world's best tanners which have patronized many customers.

Choosing Nume leather "jeans" which is also used for jeans hip label.

Modest oil feeling creates deepness, you can enjoy aging as well as a strap.



Just size to carry with ease

Vertically long slim rectangular tailoring which fits comfortably in the bag.

It is a familiar size that you can use with a sense of wallet with a reasonable thickness on hand.




Usability only for list wear

Storage capacity that can store two watches and four straps.
The special EVA pad (watch storage pad) which protects and stores watch which is precision equipment can be selected according to your watch.
It is easy to put in and out with full open zip.




 5 color variations

Classic three colors of black, brown, and navy high popularity in leather accessories.

Especially the original texture of leather, oak which can enjoy aging.

And red that boasts a strong popularity as pointing color.