Knotting Japan to the world through Japanese quality.

[ Knot = To bind,  A bond ]



There is a customer who spent close to 2 hours pondering the choice of a favorite watch, said "This is super fun", smiled and bought a watch. There is a customer who came all the way from Singapore to the store in Kichijoji to buy a watch. This is something that is truly amazing.

It is more joyous than anything. As a maker's brand, Knot thinks first about what customer want and what makes them happy and always thinks and events. Knot wants to become a presence that is loved by customers from all over the world and would like to be a brand that constantly offers new experiences. You can obtain a high quality watch at reasonable price.

Selecting a watch becomes fun through custom orders.

By forming collaborations between wonderful materials and from rural areas with technology, we transmit the appeal of Japan to the world. This is because we want to see our customers smile.

We want to form things with true value one at a time. We ponder the lifestyle of each and every person.



Maker's Watch Knot
is a brand that was born in Kichijoji, a place full of nature

Fashion enriches lifestyles.
A watch on your wrist, which is often seen more by the people nearby than by the person wearing it, can express your entire personality. Similar to coordinating shirts and ties, if wristwatches are chosen based on your lifestyle and that day's mood, life can be more fun. We hope to provide excellently designed, high quality, custom ordered wristwatches made in Japan around the world at prices affordable to all. Finally, we want to share culture between Japan and the rest of the world, tying knots to create bonds.
From this vision, Maker's Watch Knot was established in Kichijoji, a town blending fashion and nature in the international city of Tokyo.




[Changing Craftsmanship]

The Knot project began with redefining the match manufacturing industry in Japan, which had shifted to overseas production, to return to factories in Japan, where outstanding technicians and materials gather. We are involved in all aspects, from the designing, planning, delivery of parts, assembly, and sales. Because we do not use intermediaries, even if we use high quality materials with high costs, we can provide watches from around 10,000 yen. For example, the glass we use is durable sapphire glass, which is not easily damaged and is also used for luxury Swiss watches. For the belts, 100% naturally-derived vegetable-tanned leather and traditional craftwork and techniques from across Japan.
Sharing Japanese quality to the people of the world.



Custom orders selected from over 8,000 types

[Changing Fashion]

Why can't the belts, materials, and colors of a watch be chosen freely? Similarly to coordinating shirts and ties, if wrist watches could be chosen as wrist ware based on lifestyles and that day's mood, it would me more fun. Knot, which was born from these thoughts, fixated on the ability for anybody to easily customize the watch and the strap. The watch straps are especially easy, as they are equipped with an easy lever that allows them to be replaced without any special tools.



Achieving 1/3 of the market price by eliminating wasteful distribution

[Changing Prices]

Japanese watches are too expensive. Since when has it been impossible to buy a wrist watch made in Japan for less than 300 dollars? Knot provides high quality watches at one third of the market price. The watch manufacturing industry and distribution in Japan has hardly any new entrants. Many intermediaries are in the middle, causing truly wasteful costs. By eliminating these wasteful costs, we will continue to change prices themselves, in order to create a world where watches made in Japan with excellent quality and design can become anybody's favorite watch at a reasonable price.