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Maker’s Watch Knot gallery shops are entertainment spaces that promote “experiences” rather than “things.”


The conventional wisdom is that wristwatches should be displayed and sold in glass cases, but Maker’s Watch Knot offers the appeal of watches as wrist-wear rather than tools. We are committed to displaying our watches in a completely open manner in order to offer you a purchasing experience that is completely different, so that you can enjoy choosing a watch in greater freedom, just as you would a T-shirt or sneakers.
What’s more, Kichijoji and all the other districts where our gallery shops are located are near to a large number of spots that are attractive to visit. Our gallery shops are located so that you can drop in with your partner or your friends, order a custom watch, and then continue enjoying your weekend. Be sure to visit a Maker’s Watch Knot gallery shop and treat yourself to the pleasure of ordering a custom watch.




At our gallery shops you will find Advisors, specialised staff members who are there to assist assist you in the novel experience of ordering a custom watch. These staff members are knowledge not just about matching but also about Knot's manufacturing, so you can buy with peace of mind.


The experience of ordering a mix and match watch
We opened our first gallery shop at Kichijoji, and at all our gallery shops the merchandise is displayed in an open manner, something highly unusual for watch shops. Watches often end up getting displayed in glass case, making it hard to try them on. At Knot's gallery shops, you can enjoy mix and match ordering to the full.




On the back of your watch, we can engrave things such as initials or anniversaries. You can choose among not just uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, but also some symbols. Use engraving to make a watch a unique present, whether it be sweethearts engraving their anniversary date or a gift for family or friends.
*Accepted only Tiong Bahru Gallery Shop
*Note: Some series of watch cannot be engraving


The hole punching
Although watch straps can fit a variety of wrist sizes, we can add additional holes if you would like.

*Note: Some series of watch straps cannot be punched with additional holes.







Tiong Bahru Gallery Shop

Tiong Bahru Gallery Shop

10 Eng Hoon Street #01-01, Singapore 169760
Wed-Sun / 12pm - 7pm







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