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Born in the rich waterways of the Chugoku mountains, Himeji Leather is passed on to the modern generation by the skills and philosophy of artisans.

It is said that around 2 tons of water are needed to transform the skin of one cow into leather. Tatsuno City in Hyogo’s Matsubara region is surrounded by the abundant waters of the Ibogawa and Hayashidagawa rivers. This area is one of Himeji’s most prosperous leather manufacturing centers. We will continue to transmit the precise quality born of the skill and philosophy of artisans through the Musubu Project leather straps.




The leather is slowly tanned all the way to the core. Skilled hands and eyes check the work.




The sharp eyes of artisans smooth out even invisible bumps. 






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Himeji Semi-Grain Strap
$60~ (6 colors)

In richly expressive, glossy color. Himeji Leather is known for its beauty, and we have used it generously for these straps in 6 color options. The thin, very elastic material molds gently to the wrist. Comfortable wrist wear guaranteed. The leather material has been carefully crafted for quality right own to the hidden parts. Each strap is meticulously handmade to stay beautiful through long years of use. This strap will brighten up your wrist every day, in both business and casual settings.

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