Tochigi Leather




Tochigi Leather is one of the world’s few tanners that continues to use only natural vegetable tannin.

The main reason Tochigi Leather is called “a rarity in the world” is because it uses only natural vegetable tannin. The factory’s 160 pits are filled with high quality tannin made from Brazilian mimosa. This secret tannin solution has been continuously added to without pause for decades. Leather is dipped into the pits from the lowest tannin concentration to the highest, so the tannin slowly and naturally permeates over time.




Using vegetable tannin for over 70 years.




Made by the eyes, hands, and hearts of artisans.







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NATO Type Strap
$65~ (6 colors)

The NATO strap goes well with a trench coat. Although it has a strong military feel, the NATO strap is Knot’s idea of the new standard NATO belt that we hope will be used on the business scene and by women as well. It is made with Tochigi Leather’s particularly soft “jeans” material, which includes a lot of oil for shine and will break in the more you use it. The loop fastener has also been changed from the round type of the old model to a sharp square type. The finished design is easy to coordinate on the business scene as well as for women.

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Original Mesh Strap
$70~ (7 colors)

This mesh strap is made of casual “jeans” leather. With each piece woven by hand, this expressive strap flexibly fits the wrist. Tanned with vegetable tannins, this strap will evolve in comfort the more you use it. You will be able to use this beautiful strap for many years while enjoying its unique Tochigi Leather style. Available in 7 colors. The Knot concept of “modern watches for modern clothing” is expressed through the highest quality products.

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Traditional Shape Strap
$60~ (7 colors)

This long-awaited classic strap from the Tochigi Leather series is made with vonoaniline. Called “boat style,” this design is perfect for casual as well as dressy, formal wear. From cutting to edge finishing to side stitch sewing, this product is handcrafted by experienced watch strap specialists. With an inner cowhide surface also tanned with vegetable tannin, this is an extravagant gem.

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