Showen Kumihimo





Each strand of pure silk is beautifully dyed by artisans, then gathered into a bundle of 13 threads that are twisted and braided in complex patterns using traditional techniques, eventually resulting in a “kumihimo” cord of 607 strands.

A “kumihimo” is a cord made of complexly braided threads. The art form has a long history, said to be passed down from Buddhist origins. Kumihimo have long been treasured as decorations for Buddhist ritual and tea ceremony tools, armor, swords, and ties for the obi belts of glamorous kimonos. Founded in Uji, Kyoto in 1948, Showen Kumihimo continues to search for its role in modern times, creating its handicrafts with carefully chosen silk to expand the possibilities of kumihimo cords.
“Koraigumi” cords in particular have a history of use as decorations for high quality items because their technique allows the creator to incorporate beautiful, detailed patterns and letters into the design.




Featuring beautiful silk, the traditional Japanese art of “kumihimo” is being reborn.




Quality is in the hands of artisans.







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Silk KUMIHIMO Ayakorai Strap
$65~ (5 colors)

Through Showen Kumihimo’s unique techniques, a vertical striped pattern called “aya” has been incorporated into this “Aya Korai” Knot strap. Watch straps have a wider variety of requirements than other industrial crafts, so it takes 1 year from the original concept to completion. Through repeated original research and a unique composition, we have achieved a size of 18mm wide, 2mm thick. With 5 different color variations, these sophisticated, beautiful straps can be used by both men and women, in both business and casual situations. Enjoy the pure Japanese style of these textile straps.

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Silk KUMIHIMO Jusan-uchi Strap
$80~ (5 colors)

Kyoto Showen Silk Kumihimo and Knot have taken on a new challenge. Using the “jusan-uchi” technique, 13 extremely finely spun silk threads have been carefully woven together strand by strand to create this sublimated strap, a completely new type of kumihimo wristwear. Tochigi Leather has been used for the buckle portion. With a focus on leather as well as silk, this extravagant product has been made with only the highest quality materials. Enjoy the pure Japanese style of this new Kyoto Showen silk kumihimo textile strap with beautifully contrasting silk and Tochigi Leather.

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