Repair / Warranty

Repair / Warranty period

Repair of the watch body ( excluding the strap ), we accept it at Tiong Bahru Gallery Shop.

In any case, "Official Warranty" issued by Knot SG Pte Ltd is required.

Be sure to show a warranty card for battery replacement or in any case.

The warranty applies only when the watch is generated in normal use condition along with the instruction manual.

The warranty target part is only inside the watch (movement). Warranty is valid only Singapore.

*Since the overhaul of the mechanical watch ( AT-38/ATC-40 series ) will be treated as maintenance, it will be available for a fee.

*Overhaul fee may be changed due to fluctuation of parts cost. Please note it beforehand.



【 Warranty provision】

  1. As for malfunction of the watch head ( excluding the strap ), repair is possible free of charge for one year from purchase day.
    * AT-38 / ATC-40 for movement is warranty for three years. In addition, please note that the watch case and glass scratches and dirt, battery replacement, magnetism repair will be chargeable.
  2. Please note that all repairs due to loss of warranty card will be charged.
  3. Since the strap is  a consumable item, repair or exchange is not accept, so please understand it beforehand.
  4. Repair / Battery replacement will be accepted at Tiong Bahru Gallery Shop.


 < After Service Policy >

In case of warranty repair from oversea...
Customer will be responsible for the shipping costs when sending items for repair.
In addition, when we send back it to customer, we will bear the shipping fee on our side, but customer needs to pay the import tax at the receipt of the goods.



 ◆ Maker's Watch Knot Singapore's official warranty details

 Model Period Details

Quartz, Solar model

(CS-36, CC-39, SQ-32, TS-36, CS-32 )

 1 year

Under normal use condition based on the regulation, if trouble should happen by any chance, you can receive free warranty on coping place (limited to watch body). 
For out of warranty period or outside the warranty covered, it will be accepted for a fee.

 * Battery replacement will be charged within the warranty period.
* The overhaul of the Automatic model is also out of warranty.

Automatic model

(AT-38, ATC-40)

 3 years




【 Out of warranty 】

  • Battery replacement  ( *please read the instruction manual )
  • Delay or malfunction due to the magnetism  ( *please read the instruction manual )
  • Changes in appearance that occur during use
  • When there is no warranty card
  • When there is no authorised dealer and purchased date filled in the warranty card
  • When the lexical phrase has been corrected
  • Failure or damage due to accident or natural disaster
  • Failure or damage due to improper repair or remodelling by other than an authorised dealer or an authorised total importer



** Please check the following before requesting repair **

  • We do not accept any after-sales service and repair with no official warranty card issued by Knot SG Pte Ltd.
  • When requesting official warranty, maintenance, various services, a formal warranty is absolutely necessary.
  • Various warranty service is provided by Knot SG Pte Ltd.
  • If you can not present a formal warranty by lost etc., it will be accepted for a fee. Carefully keep the official warranty card.
  • In the case of paid repair, we will contact you for quotation. We will repair as soon as we receive your acknowledgment.
  • Please keep the warranty card even after the warranty period.
  • Please acknowledge that the strap will be out of the repair / warranty application.
  • If there is a suspicion of magnetic wandering due to symptoms such as clock stop or lag, please have a belt together with the watch because there is a possibility that not only the watch but also the easy lever part of the belt may be magnetized.