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Since its founding, Maker's Watch Knot has been rewriting the standards of the wristwatch industry many times and continues to send innovative products to the world. AUTOMATIC CHRONOGRAPH "ATC-40" Automatic model 2nd bullet, a domestically produced mechanical wrist watch, which succeeded the philosophy of "AT-38 Automatic Model"which became a culmination of one, the flagship model, It is the appearance of
It is a rally of the watchmakers' thoughts of the Japanese watchmakers who gathered lost Japanese watch manufacturing techniques and provided high precision mechanical watches at honest prices, and is a world-class real-priced domestic product It is a mechanical wristwatch.
Warranty Card will be attached that promises 3 year warranty from the date of purchase. 

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Product No. ATC-40SVBK


 SUS316L / Silver Polish


 Sapphire glass (Non-reflective coating)


 Black sunlay



 Diameter × Thickness

 40mm × 13.5mm




 SEIKO “NE88” / 10ATM

 Precious Stone

 24 Stones

 Time Precision

 Average day difference : -10 seconds to +30 seconds

( at room temperature : 5℃ to 35℃ )


 28,800 vibrations / hour


 45 hours

 Movement Warranty Period

 3 years


The movement is a mechanical chronograph movement with a super complex structure with two mechanisms that can measure with time by using about twice the number of parts of "AT - 38". It is a movement that emphasizes durability and accuracy adopting column wheel type and vertical clutch type mounted on high class mechanical chronograph.
In addition, we prepared two can holes in the lug part for attaching the strap. You can enjoy a separate type in the upper hole and a strapping type with the lower hole. It stabilizes the center of gravity balance of the whole clock and enhances fitness to the arm.
Like the case of "AT - 38", the case is handling the manufacture of the forest device which manufactures the case of domestic best mechanical watch. "Zaratsu polishing" giving a beautiful flat finish without distortion is a mirrored polishing technology that is proud of worldwide production of forest insects that is rarely used even in Japanese luxury watches.
Like windshield "AT - 38", sapphire glass is adopted. The visibility of the dial is improved by applying anti-reflective coating only on one side.

Here comes with a special BOX that was produced only for "ATC - 40".
The top plate has been decorated with an original plate engraved with the Knot logo and produces a luxurious appearance suitable for the highest peak.

※ The ATC-40 series is a product not covered by the On Name stamp service to the back cover. Please acknowledge it humbly.