• $235.00

Inheriting the Classic Series, the iconic model of Maker's Watch Knot, is a New model that focuses on practicality, design and detail.

The birth of the 3-hands date watch, which pursues the ease of viewing and usability, is simply formed by the original function required for watches.

* Strap is not included in this item.


Product No.  CD-40RGWH


 SUS316L / Rose gold Polish


 Sapphire glass


 White Coated 


 Rose gold & Rose gold



 Diameter × Thickness

 40mm × 7mm




  1. 40mm case stuck to visibility

Following the classic series case design. A thin and sharp bezel, a case formed with a thin bottom, and an edgy finish, redesigned to 40 mm. The dial area was expanded to give better visibility.

  1. Arabic Index to Improve Readability

Arranged bar index and Arabic index for those particular about the readability of time. Slim Arabic character matches the bar index and is a design that can be matched widely.


  1. Center 3 hands + calendar for practicality

Adopted the most popular features on watches to ease everyday life. The hour, minute hands and the second hand are located at the center. A metal frame is placed on the calendar display at 3 o'clock, making it easier to see.


  1. New color YGWH ( Yellow gold x White ) that can be used in pairs with RGWH ( Rose gold x White )

The bright and refreshing white dial is very popular. Therefore, we prepared variations of yellow gold that can be used by both men and women. Even with a watch, accentuate your wrists.