• $210.00

THE MONOTONE COLLECTION has been growing in popularity since its release.

This addition to the collection has an enhanced touch while still maintaining visibility. It is easy to coordinate various looks and could be exceptionally well-paired with black.

The model is a slim polishing finish case design with a diameter of 36mm and thickness of 6.5mm, exemplifying a Knot Timepiece while incorporating the MADE IN JAPAN technology.

*Strap is not included with this product.


Product No.  CS-36BKBK1


 SUS316L/Black Polish


 Sapphire glass


 Black coated


 White & White



 Diameter × Thickness

 36mm × 6.5mm




The sapphire glass surface of Vickers hardness of 1,500 facilitates the fusion of traditional Small second that was immensely prominent in the 1940s to '60s with modern materials and design to maximize the charm of the monotone watch face. The casing is made of the standard SUS316L steel that is commonly used for medical purposes and glossed in black polish. In addition, the uniform white details of the index and the hands provide a great contrast to the case.