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Made of jacquard woven umbrella fabric from “Makita Shoten”, an impeccable umbrella shop that has been weaving beautiful umbrella fabrics for 150 years, we have created straps suitable for diversified business styles.

Jacquard fabric woven with only two colors, warp and weft. Gradation is given by the ingenuity of the organization, and the finish is deep.

Random weaving that makes the texture of the fabric unique. It results in an eccentric style a little different from leather in suits and jacket styles.


Supported wrist size (when wearing a watch with a case diameter of 36mm): 140mm to 185mm

* It is the size that can be used widely from the thin one around the wrist.

* The punching hole service is not supported.



Product  No.  GM-16DGYG


 Makita Umbrella Nyon


 Dark Grey


 Yellow gold

 Easy lever







  1. Graphic jacquard pattern pursuing the possibility of jacquard weaving

Jacquard fabric woven with only two colors, warp and weft. Gradient was given by the ingenuity of the organization, and it was finished into a deep fabric that makes you feel the depth. A random texture that emphasizes the shades of the weaving of the fabric, making it an item that you can enjoy without any leather texture.


  1. Intermediate tone-on-tone finish

Multiplying fabric and leather with similar colors tone-on-tone. Commitment to the subtle shades that can only be made with fabric, you can enjoy coloring that is not found in conventional leather straps. The shading of the weave creates various expressions depending on the viewing angle, creating an elegant strap with a beautiful contrast with the leather texture.


  1. MUSUBU collaboration "Himeji Kimoto Leather Industry"

Combined with the fabric is the Himeji Kimoto Leather Industry's leather. It features beautiful, abundant number of colors unique to Himeji Kimoto Leather Industry that produces a lot of leather for women's shoes. Because of the abundant number of colors, we are able to match the color to ours coordinates.


  1. Water-repellent technology unique to umbrella fabrics

In general, it is difficult to process fabrics with uneven surfaces such as jacquard weave. The fabric is washed and water repellent (repels water) and waterproof (prevents water from entering the fabric). A large amount of water is also used here, and the impurities in the fabric are washed away with Mt. Fuji's natural water.