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The nylon straps are jointly initiated by World-class fibre manufacturer SHINDO Co., Ltd and Knot. The Nato nylon straps are Made in Japan and promise high quality in colouring, water repellency and overall wearer feel thus distinguishing from the rest.


Product No.  NSN-18GPRG




 Grey & Pink


 Rose gold



 Full length



The Nato Nylon straps are a summer staple are jointly initiated with the MUSUBU partner SHINDO Co., Ltd which is well renowned for their wide range of manufactured products ranging from exquisite decorative ribbons to jet engine carbon materials since the 1970s. The company has supported various industries and brands in Japan and abroad by its skilful weaving and knitting technologies. Therefore the nylon straps are proved to be backed by unparalled technology. The fabric strap is light, durable and perfectly functional particularly for hot seasons, leisure and activities as sweat and dirt can be easily washed. The texture of bright coloured 'polar' nylon straps, make it water repellant and functional while giving the wearer an outstanding feel. All these factors combined can give the wearer an enjoyable time and the best impressions.