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It is a scotch grain specification strap with grainy irregularities in Tochigi leather of tanning with enriched oil sealed. It will direct the arm in an elegant.

Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 210 mm 
* From the thinner side around the wrist, you can use it widely.


Product No.  NTD-18BKRG


 Tochigi Leather "Jeans"




 Rose Gold



 Full length



Scotch grain leather is one of leather processing methods. As a feature, fine grainy embossed carvings are engraved on the surface. 
It is said that the pattern of coincidence wheat stuck to leather in Scotland is the beginning.
In addition to giving the leather a texture, it makes it hard to scratch its surface, and even if it gets scratched it can be expected to make it less noticeable.