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"Kaihara Denim Straight Shape Strap"

Committed to “Good Materials,” “Good Dyeing,” “Good Weaving,” Kaihara is the pioneer of Japanese denim fabric and boasts the industry's top share.

Kaihara takes pride in its premium quality and overwhelming scale of influence around the globe.

corresponding wrist size rounds up to 220mm



Product No.  SKD-18IWBRRG


 Kaihara Denim and Tochigi Leather


 Indigo Wash and Brown


 Rose gold








  1. One and only denim by the integrated production of Kaihara, one of the rare fabrics in the world.
  2. Unique color of denim with beautiful aging that changes.
  3. The backing material is Nume leather of the premium Tochigi leather series.
  4. Stainless steel rivets in the small holes that allows for the variation of size around the wrists.
  5. The special KAIHARA DENIM logo is only dedicated to Knot straps.