• $225.00


Rose gold case is popular with women. White and ivory dials are particularly popular. Likewise, it is also becoming popular with male customers. Like Rose Gold but would like to change the impression. The black dial has a different impression so that you can enjoy your mix and match. A luxurious new color with a beautiful contrast between rose gold and black.


* Strap is not included in this item.


Product No.  SQ-32RGBK


 SUS316L/Rosegold Polish


 Sapphire glass


 Black coated


 Rosegold & Rosegold



 Diameter × Thickness

 32mm × 32mm




We cut off sapphire glass into squares and polished 316 L steel beautifully to make Knot a commitment item. The size is a small 32 mm type, the compact comfort of 6.0 mm thin / 25 g weight is the greatest attraction. Also, the dial with Arabic numerals combines functionality not only designability but also visibility.