• $225.00

Square Small Second, a new model of the Classic Series that finally achieved through a prototype four times from a design concept of September 2014. Standard adoption of premium material as well as the current Small Second, Chronograph model.

* Strap is not included in this item.


Product No.  SQ-32YGSV


 SUS316L/Yellowgold Polish


 Sapphire glass


 Silver sunlay


 Black & Black



 Diameter × Thickness

 32mm × 32mm



We cut off sapphire glass into squares and polished 316 L steel beautifully to make Knot a commitment item. The size is a small 32 mm type, the compact comfort of 6.0 mm thin / 25 g weight is the greatest attraction. Also, the dial with Arabic numerals combines functionality not only designability but also visibility.