• $60.00

Renewed embossing leather straps reproduced in Japan, with embossed leather motif called "box calf" which is popular because of the celebrity brand of EU since ancient times. Using a semi-grain leather from Himeji with silky feel, it was born again with a beautiful coloring that is brilliant and elegant.

*Corresponding wrist size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 185 mm

※ From the thinner around the wrist, you can use it widely.

*Drilling service is not currently supported.


Product No.  TH-16YEYG












The base leather maintains the durability performance of cowhide leather (genuine) and additionally by box-type embossing, not only gives a rich atmosphere, but it is not noticeable to dirt and scratches, it is strong against water. If it is a little wet to rain, you will wipe quickly it will not be a stain. Even those who usually have a lot of water work can always be used beautifully, and they will be active in various scenes.