• $100.00

Renewal of the premium series lizard strap.

Attractive gloss finish of glazed polished with agate stones. Adopted only the luck mark of the lizard luxury lizard portion.
Upon renewal, to a thickness that has a three-dimensional sense to match the heavy case of mechanical watches.
Highlights enter the shiny lizard leather and the high quality of texture stands out. Change the backing material to black leather, directing relaxed luxury and elegance.


Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 185 mm 

Ծ䬆From the thinner side around the wrist, you can use it widely.¬†

Ôľä This product does not correspond to drilling for length adjustment.¬†


Product No.  TL1-16DBYG




 Dark brown


 Yellow gold