• $275.00

A new model "TITANIUM SOLAR" series overturning the common sense of solar watch, which is the third standard advocated by Knot, has been completed. Knot's first solar movement, titanium case, 10 ATM water resistant, Super Luminova, sapphire glass with date lens. It is a high performance solar watch equipped with all of these.

* Strap is not included in this item.


Product No.  TS-36BKBK


 Black Titanium


 Sapphire glass (Date lens)


 Black coated


 Silver & Silver (Super Luminova)



 Diameter × Thickness

 36mm × 8.5mm



By exchanging the straps, we stuck to the design as much as possible to match various fashion and scenes, as well as standard existence.

It is a solar watch full of commitment as a new standard that breaks down common sense of market price, although it is a highly functional spec that stuck to functions / materials such as adopting titanium suitable for solar watch.